Which outer shell performance requirement is most important? Strength, heat resistance, durability, abrasion resistance or heat stress?

When you factor in the cost of the fabric, TenCate ULTRA is always your best value.

Its unique construction, engineered from a blend with Dupont™ Kevlar® brand fiber, provides superior strength, durability and thermal protection That stands up to the heat.

  • Better strength (tensile and tear) after thermal exposure than any competitive fabric.
  • Better abrasion resistance than any competitive fabric.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Maximum protection.
  • Maximum value.

    All fabrics manufactured by TenCate are inherently flame-resistant. There’s no chemical finish that makes them FR, no treatment; nothing. The flame resistance is built right into the fabric itself. It will never wash out or wear away.

    Flexibility, range of motion and ease of wear are important on the job. TenCate fabrics deliver the protection you need and the comfort you want. Enhanced comfort means less heat and less stress and that means a safer wearer.

    When it comes to FR fabrics, TenCate delivers the most bang for your buck. Fabrics that are inherently FR will last longer and look better than chemically-treated FR fabrics. That long life of the fabric means lower cost per wear. For the best value, demand TenCate fabrics.

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    Nominal Weight

    7.5 osy (255 gsm)



    Colors Available

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