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Industrial safety

Inherent FR Fabrics - What are they and when are they the best choice for protective clothing?

Choosing the best fire-resistant fabrics is essential to creating a safe environment for your employees. Especially in high-risk industries, where occurrences...

Choosing protective clothing criteria

Industrial safety

3 Important Criteria to Consider When Choosing Protective Clothing

As a health and safety professional, you have a lot of responsibilities. Choosing the right protective clothing for employees is only one of them. You know...

Industrial safety

4 Big Wins You’ll Gain from Talking with a Protective Fabric Supplier

Leading-up to selecting new protective clothing, finding objective information on solutions in the market is difficult. Industrial laundries and garment makers...

flame resistant clothing

Industrial safety

Is FR-Treated Fabric the Best Choice for your Protective Clothing?

What’s the difference between FR-treated and inherent FR fabric? Two types of fabrics typically serve the market for flame-resistant protective clothing. These...

fire resistant protective clothing

Metal & Steel

Flame-Retardant and Flame-Resistant Fabrics: What's the Difference?

There is a lot of confusion between flame-resistant and flame-retardant fabric. While these two phrases sound similar, each fabric is quite different, as they...

Three workers wearing protective clothing

Industrial safety

6 Protective Clothing Selection Process Keys to Stakeholder Buy-in

Imagine this: the end of your protective clothing selection process is finally in sight when suddenly the timeline stalls. Your stakeholders all have different...


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purchase best protective workwear


How to Shift your Purchasing Focus for the Best Protective Workwear

Industries are facing price increases worldwide, and many report that it’s not changing anytime soon. There’s no doubt that the bottom line is important when...

A recent overview of freighters waiting around the Port of Shanghai.


Effects of hyperinflation in the protective clothing industry

At present, many industries are facing huge challenges in their supply chains. Around the world, there is an imbalance between supply and demand. The...

arc flash hazard protective clothing

Industrial safety

Arc Flash Hazard: Are you Wearing Protective Garments the Wrong Way?

The fiery split-second an arc flash explosion occurs is the moment of truth that determines if an electrical worker stays safe under their protective garments....

protective clothing during the summertime


Stay Comfortable in Protective Clothing During Summertime

Summer is right around the corner. Factories will heat up, and those where machinery and production processes already produce a lot of heat will only get...