TenCate ARA-SHIELD brings reinforcement to the table in a serious way. ARA-SHIELD is lighter yet stronger than other reinforcement materials, like leather.

This fabric is engineered for use in areas where high abrasion is anticipated so it's made tough to resist it. The strength and thermal protection of ARA-SHIELD make it a superior reinforcement material for the harshest environments.

  • Makes gear lighter: ARA-SHIELD is 80 percent lighter than leather.
  • Impermeable to water and chemicals: Absorbs no water or harmful chemicals. Leather does.
  • Double-coat surface: Strong resistance to temperature and abrasion.
  • No cracking: Wetting and drying leave fabric unaffected.
  • Easy care: Impermeability makes fabric resistant to staining.

TenCate scientists take every step to make sure that these FR fabrics are the strongest they can be. Through innovative fiber blends and specialized weaves and construction, TenCate delivers fabrics that have the strength to get the tough jobs done.

When the moisture on the outside has to stay on the outside, TenCate fabrics will stand tall and deliver. Using proprietary processes and technology, TenCate fabrics will keep water and chemicals where they belong; off of your skin.

Tough jobs call for tough fabrics that stand up to the challenge. TenCate fabrics can take it. Engineered for maximum protection and comfort that never quits, these fabrics are built to last.

Additional information

Nominal Weight

12.5 osy (425 gsm)



Colors Available

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