TenCate TECASAFE® PLUS woven FR fabric delivers outstanding arc flash and flash fire protection in a comfortable lightweight fabric. It offers protection that is both PPE 1 and PPE 2 rated with a single layer and PPE 3 and PPE 4 when layered. Featuring enhanced comfort and COOLDERM™ Technology.

TenCate TECASAFE® PLUS keeps you cool and dry even in the toughest environments. Its FR protection will never wash or wear out and it lasts longer than other, comparable protective fabrics. Some of the features available in TECASAFE® PLUS Woven FR fabrics include the following:

  • Soft and comfortable to wear with active moisture wicking
  • Outstanding appearance, even after industrial laundering
  • Longer life-cycle than cotton or cotton-blend textiles
  • Hypoallergenic fabric without any toxic, chemical finish

Its unique and innovative fiber blend not only provides FR protection but also ensures an eco-friendly process that produces no harmful byproducts.

Available in a variety of weights and colors that no-one else can offer including High-Visibility Yellow that meets ANSI 107. TECASAFE® PLUS can handle the challenge.

TECASAFE® PLUS is soft and breathable, making it comfortable to wear. It also retains excellent color and appearance after continual industrial laundering.

Lighter weight outer shells mean less heat stress on the job. Getting in, getting the job and getting out are what matters. TenCate outer shells deliver the same great strength and protection but with less weight to slow you down.

All fabrics manufactured by TenCate are inherently flame-resistant. There’s no chemical finish that makes them FR, no treatment; nothing. The flame resistance is built right into the fabric itself. It will never wash out or wear away.

Moisture can weigh fabrics down and make them uncomfortable. TenCate COOLDERM™ Technology provides quick absorption and quicker drying times. By dispersing the moisture across the fabric, it dries faster providing evaporative cooling in warm climates and body temperature regulation in cooler climates.

Additional information

Nominal Weight

5.8 osy (195 gsm)



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Coolderm™ Technology

Colors Available


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PPE Category Rating

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