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Speak with an expert

Have questions about our products? Get in touch with one of our industry experts.

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Industrial Laundry

Longer-lasting protective workwear starts here

You’re looking for smarter high-tech garments that keep their good looks and protective qualities, even after frequent washing. We’re here to give you full access to our innovative world of workwear and industrial safety fabrics, designed for longer life cycles and a reduced ecological footprint.

The most advanced textile tech at your fingertips

What makes the collaboration between your industrial laundry and TenCate Protective Fabrics so unique? It’s all in the details. We know that protective workwear can be complex to clean, so we go the extra mile to make it easier for you. On top of providing custom laundering instructions, we help you save resources by engineering durable fabrics that wash and dry well.

Wash with confidence

It takes special care to launder and repair protective clothing correctly. Stay up to date on the latest industrial safety norms, so you can confidently provide your customers with clean and functional protective garments.

Improve garment lifetime cycles

All our industrial safety and workwear fabrics are designed to provide outstanding durability to high washing and drying temperatures. You can count on superior colorfastness and strength, even after repeated laundering.

Reduce your impact

Keep your finger on the pulse of sustainable developments in the market and transform your industrial laundry by lowering your energy consumption, with the help of our dedicated technical experts.

The best PPE can’t protect anyone if it’s not clean

Without industrial laundries like you, our protective fabrics wouldn’t be able to provide the same high levels of safety and comfort to millions of workers around the globe. Protective workwear laundering may only represent a small percentage of the work you do, but it saves lives every day.

Ready for protective workwear that sets new standards in durability, comfort and safety?

Find out which protective fabric solution is best for you! Our dedicated industrial laundry experts can help you make a confident decision.