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Military fabrics

Making a difference on the front lines


For more than a decade, military forces from every branch have been using TenCate fabrics in the field. From the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, right up until today, TenCate continues to provide complete FR solutions to the men and women who need them most.

The fabric technologies engineered at TenCate have served to keep troops safer, warmer and more comfortable while deployed or serving outside the wire. TenCate changed the landscape of military FR protection with the introduction of Defender®M and the family of fabrics continues to grow. 

New fabrics have been developed for use in defense, tactical, national law enforcement and other organizations that need military-grade solutions all over the world. The engineers at TenCate continue to design new, innovative technical textiles that provide maximum FR protection, comfort and ease of wear. By developing a family of fabrics that offers flexible solutions, TenCate hopes to ensure that soldiers, officers and other professionals around the world can find an FR solution that suits their specialized needs.

Designed For Comfort

Engineered as a lightweight, inherently FR fabric for high humidity climates, Commando™ uses COOLDERM™ Technology for enhanced comfort. Active moisture wicking pulls moisture and sweat away from the skin with a quick drying time which means less irritation and greater ease of wear. Combine all of these attributes with a soft hand and sharp appearance and it’s easy to see why Commando™ is ideal for tropical surroundings.

Product name Composition Weight (+- 5%)
High Strength Commando™ Twill Stop 5.6 osy
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Designed To Adapt

Improvised explosive devices (IED's) changed the battlefield forever. Defender M was engineered specifically to take on the threat of thermal events in combat. It's the fabric of choice for all US Army troops deployed outside the wire.

Product name Composition Weight (+- 5%)
Defender® M 6.5 Ripstop Woven 6.5 osy
Defender® M 6.8 Twill Twill 6.8 osy
Defender® M 5.5 Mesh Mesh Knit  5.5 osy
Defender® M 6.5 Jersey Jersey Knit  6.5 osy
Defender® M 7.2 Stretch Jersey Stretch Knit 7.2 osy
Defender® M 6.2 Stretch Twill Twill 6.2 osy
Defender® M Superfabric
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Make Any Condition Your Comfort Zone

Protection needs to live where it's needed most. TenCate Protective Fabrics has a range of base layer fabrics to keep end users safe from the skin out. Lightweight and easy to wear, these base layers provide comfort as well as dependable FR protection.

Product name Composition Weight (+- 5%)
Tecasafe® Plus TechT4 Mil Knit 5.0 osy (170 gsm)
Tecasafe® Plus TechT5 Mil Knit 5.4 osy (183 gsm)
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Specialty Fabrics

The men and women who serve in the military have to face a wide variety of harsh and unforgiving environments. TenCate Protective Fabrics provides solutions that deliver the comfort, lightweight feel and inherent FR protection that can stand up to any climate.

Product name Composition Weight (+- 5%)
Alert5™ 8.5 Rib Knit Rib Knit 8.5 osy
Alert5™ 7.0 Knit Mesh Knit Mesh 7 osy
Maverick™ 5.0 osy
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Looking for further advice on Military & Police fabrics? Or do you have other questions regarding protective fabrics? Please reach out to our product specialists. They’re always happy to help answer any questions you might have.