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News - 1 min read - May 09, 2022

Choosing the right FR fabrics made simple: meet the Fabric Selector

If we could grant Health & Safety Managers a wish when it comes to the selection process of protective clothing, we often hear that it would be great if choosing the right flame resistant fabrics could be a simpler process. We understand that FR fabrics come with a dazzling number of options and that it can get very confusing, especially when its not your core business. Weve listened carefully to Safety Professionals across the world and made an easy to use FR fabric configurator, just for you. Meet the Fabric Selector!

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Find the right fabrics, based on your needs.

Go to your fabric selector

Finding the best fabric fit, in just 3 easy steps

No more complex routes to finding the right fabrics — this tooling takes all your fabric selecting stress away. Just select your role, your industry and your requirements and the Fabric Selector does all the work for you. Intuitively designed and easy to navigate, the tool will present you with a shortlist of the best fabric options, based on your needs.


Benefits for all partners in the value chain

From Firefighters to Health & Safety Managers to distributors, garment manufacturers or industrial laundries — the Fabric Selector makes finding the perfect fabric solution easier than ever before. Whether it’s flame resistant, workwear or sustainable fabrics youre looking for, youll find the best options based on your needs with this helpful tool! And for those that know exactly what they’re looking for, you can adapt your selection by using multiple filter options on features, too.

Its as simple as that?

Now you may ask: if its that easy, how come it wasnt available before? The Fabric Selector might sound like a simple solution, but it took us months to develop. Weve used input from Health & Safety managers and partners from the value chain to capture their needs. Combined with the knowledge of product management, sales and a team of UX designers and developers, we developed this straightforward solution which we will continue to optimize.

Try it yourself

We’ve created a fabric selector especially for the Industrial Safety, Workwear and Fire Services markets. Try the Fabric Selector out for yourself and receive a highly configured FR fabric solution, based on your needs. Visit here your Fabric Selector.