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Industrial Safety industries - 1 min read - July 25, 2023

XLANCE® Stretch Fiber: Long-Lasting Stretch for Workwear

Who doesn’t like stretch in their clothing? Since stretch was introduced into clothing textiles, people don’t want to go without it. From consumer to professional wear, stretch is an essential fiber ingredient to enhance comfort. In this blog, we’re exploring the long-lasting stretch fiber XLANCE® and how its characteristics make it highly suitable for your next round of workwear.

How XLANCE® moves with you in your daily and workwear clothing

XLANCE® fiber is often used in swimwear, shirting, and sportswear to provide a long-lasting, high-performance fit that is resistant to sweat, UV, and chlorine. The dose of elasticity frees up your range of motion, allowing your clothes to move with your body.

The benefit of using stretch fiber in workwear is that it provides long-lasting comfort and empowers movement, making it ideal for working environments that require frequent or difficult movements. Besides allowing a high level of movement and comfort, workwear garments made with XLANCE® fiber content are easy to wash at industrial laundries, thanks to the fiber’s excellent durability and resistance to industrial washing and drying processes. It offers consistent recovery power after 50 industrial laundry cycles at 165°F and 240°F tunnel drying, ensuring that durability is guaranteed, just as with non-stretch alternatives.

How it works in workwear

Check out this video to see how XLANCE® stretch fiber works in workwear.


What makes the XLANCE® fiber unique: stretching sustainability

The stretch fiber was developed with the throwaway economy in mind, providing a solution that adds to the range of available high-quality and durable elastic garments. 

The XLANCE® fiber can be seen as a better and more sustainable alternative to spandex (TPU). First, XLANCE® has greater resistance to high temperatures than spandex fibers, which allows XLANCE® to be processed by industrial laundries, providing the durability you are used to in your workwear.

XLANCE® is produced through a clean melt spinning processes, which is different from the dry-spinning (chemical) process used to make spandex, which involves the use of dangerous solvents like DMAC or DMF.

A little stretch can go a long way for comfort, and now adding stretch to your workwear can go a long way for the planet, too. 

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