Keep Cool. Stay Dry. Work Safe.

Coolderm technology keeps wearers dry, comfortable, and safe thanks to sweat-wicking and evaporative technology built right into the fabric.

Coolderm™ Technology

The men and women who wear flame resistant garments want the best protection they can get but they also want to be comfortable on the job. They need the best combination of both. Working in extreme environments can rob wearers of the comfort they want. No one wants to feel out of place while they’re at work. They deserve the best FR garments they can get.

We know how hard it can be to keep your mind on the job when you’re too hot or too sweaty to concentrate. That’s why TenCate Protective Fabrics has used over 90 years of technical textile science to engineer fabrics with Coolderm™ Technology.

By using a unique fiber blend, fabrics with Coolderm™ Technology keep you comfortable in three simple steps:

  • Sweat is absorbed by the fabric at skin level.
  • The moisture is spread out quickly to promote faster evaporation.
  • Faster evaporation means wearers stay cooler on the job.

Don’t let your FR garments weigh you down and make you uncomfortable while you work. Coolderm™ Technology makes being comfortable easy.


Wearers Dry, Cool and Comfortable 


Natural Body Temperature Regulation


Built In Comfort