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Defender® M 6.5 Rip Stop

Front Line Performance

Protection In Any Environment

Dual certified for both Technical Rescue (NFPA 1951) and Wildlands (NFPA 1977) firefighting.

Wearable Durability

A specialized inherent FR blend that’s engineered for durability and all-day comfort.

Dry, Cool, and Comfortable

Integrated wicking COOLDERM™ Technology offers enhanced moisture management to promote body temperature regulation and breathability

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    6.5 osy (220 gsm)
  • Composition
    Lenzing™ FR Rayon, Aramid, Nylon
  • Construction
    Rip Stop
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


Available colors
  • Black (Wildlands) Black
  • Spruce Green (Wildlands) Spruce Green
  • Light Gold (Wildlands) Light Gold
  • Protective clothing for firefighters (US standard)
    NFPA 1951
  • Protective clothing for wildland fire fighting
    NFPA 1977


Front Line Performance

A version of the same textiles worn by U.S. troops deployed overseas, Defender® M now serves in the Fire Service. Defender® M found such great success as an FR solution in action outside the wire that it was later adopted into the Fire Service. Now, Defender® M stands alone as an outstanding option for dual-certified protection. Defender® M is fully NFPA 1951 certified to both rescue and recovery, and utility. Whether fighting wildfires deep in the forest or working in close quarters on a difficult extrication, Defender® M delivers what it takes to make sure that firefighters get the job done. 

By not only meeting but exceeding the requirements of both NFPA 1951 and NFPA 1977, TenCate Defender® M makes sure that the combination of protection, durability and comfort comes easily packaged in one fabric. More US firefighters wear TenCate fabrics and now, even more will be able to find the place where TenCate fits into their plan of action. Through dual certification, Defender® M covers all the bases in the fire service game.

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