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Defender® M SL2

Built For Balance

Uncompromised Protection

A two-layer spun lace batting delivers a optimal blend of lightweight comfort with excellent TPP/THL balance. 

Trusted By Troops

The same inherent FR protection worn by military servicemen and women across the globe.

Integrated Coolderm™ Moisture-wicking

Offers enhanced moisture management to promote body temperature regulation and breathability

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    7.8 osy (265 gsm)
  • Composition
    Lenzing™ FR Rayon, Aramid, Nylon
  • Construction
    Woven Facecloth Quilted to Non-Woven Batting
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


Available colors
  • Brass (Thermal liners) Brass
  • Camo (Thermal liners) Camo
  • Protective clothing for firefighters (US standard)
    NFPA 1971


The Same Technology That Protects U.S. Troops Around The World

No matter where the line is drawn, Defender® M SL2 can take the heat. There’s always action on the front line. Sometimes, the front lines are closer than you think. Making use of the FR technology and engineering that goes into textiles that protect American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, TenCate Protective Fabrics offers firefighters the same protection in an advanced thermal liner. Defender® M SL2 with COOLDERM™ Technology delivers a thermal liner that firefighters can be proud to wear. A combination of two layers of spun-lace batting make this thermal liner lightweight and easy to wear.

Providing a better range of movement and an excellent balance of TPP and THL performance, Defender® M SL2 features a facecloth with COOLDERM™ Technology that pulls moisture away from the skin for quick drying. Available in Brass and Camouflage facecloths, Defender® M SL2 can give an ensemble a unique appearance as well as long-lasting thermal protection.

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