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Quantum3D® SL2

3-Dimensional Thermal Protection

Innovative Thermal Protection

By using an imaged batting, Quantum3D® provides better insulation against thermal events thanks to fewer skin-to-fabric contact points.

Goldcheck™ Facecloth For Lubricity

Singular weaving pattern makes the Goldcheck™ easy to spot and it’s engineered for maximum lubricity for better ease of wear. 

Integrated Coolderm™ Moisture-Wicking

Offers enhanced moisture management to promote body temperature regulation and breathability

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    7.7 osy (260 gsm)
  • Composition
    Aramid, FR Rayon, Nylon
  • Construction
    Woven Facecloth Quilted to Non-Woven Batting
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


Available colors
  • Gold (Thermal liners) Gold
  • Protective clothing for firefighters (US standard)
    NFPA 1971


3-Dimensional Thermal Protection

Quantum3D® stands up to a 3-dimensional world. When firefighters are on the job and in danger’s way, freedom of movement is essential. Quantum3D® with COOLDERM Technology delivers superior thermal protection by combining two layers of spun lace batting. One layer of the batting is “imaged” with a three-dimensional design to create better insulation for firefighters. The Goldcheck™ face cloth offers COOLDERM™ Technology which means active moisture wicking and quicker dry times for greater comfort. 

Keeping moisture away from the skin ensures firefighters don’t get bogged down while working in high-heat environments. Easy to wear, thin and flexible, Quantum3D® is a great choice for firefighters looking for better mobility in the field. It’s easy to don and doff and features an excellent balance of TPP and THL performance. Quantum3D® is a premium thermal liner that helps firefighters get the job done.

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