Welcome to the Era of IFR for All.
Everyone deserves protection.

That’s a virtue everyone can agree on. But what does it mean? What do you want in your PPE?

Engineered for comfort, Tecasafe® One offers extremely breathable, inherent FR performance at a cost anyone can afford. It’s the new era of IFR For All, only from TenCate Protective Fabrics. Our patent-pending weave structure is engineered with soft, next-to-skin fibers on the interior of the fabric, and tough, protective fibers on the outside of the fabric. Tecasafe® One outperforms cotton in breathability, moisture wicking, durability, and weight — all for about the same price.

  • Ultra-Breathable. A lightweight, comfortable feel that’s 2x more breathable than cotton so wearers can stay cool and dry in harsh conditions.
  • Lightweight Arc Performance. 5.7-ounce, CAT2, NFPA 2112 inherent FR fabric with exceptional durability. It’s the heat protection you need in an ultralight package.
  • Protection that Lasts. Through the harshest working conditions and frequent laundering, Tecasafe® One qualities outlast treated cotton – the protection never washes out.

Comfort. Breathability. Affordability.
Style. Durability. Protection.
Tecasafe® One.

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Bringing inherent FR to the masses, Tecasafe® One offers extremely breathable, lightweight arc performance at an affordable price. It’s the new era of IFR For All.

Available Colors

Tecasafe® One is currently available in Khaki, Light Gray, Light Blue, Royal, Spruce Green and Yellow. More color options will be available soon.

Light Gray
Light Blue
Spruce Green

The latest word in lightweight protection, Tecasafe® One is the direct response to the industry’s demand for high-performance protective fabrics for PPE.

The protective power of inherent FR partnered with extreme breathability all at an entry level price point. Why? Because everyone deserves to be comfortable while they work.

Welcome to the Era of IFR for All.