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Tecasafe® Plus TechT4

Next to Skin Confidence

Base Layer FR Protection

TechT4™ feels just like a t-shirt while offering lightweight, comfortable FR protection where you need it most – next to skin. 

Cool, Dry and Comfortable

Integrated wicking COOLDERM TECHNOLOGY offers enhanced moisture management to promote body temperature regulation and breathability.

A Multi-Layered Approach

The base component of the multi-layer FR system, Tech T4™ offers comfort with no-melt / no-drip next-to-skin protection.

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    5.0 osy (170 gsm)
  • Composition
    FR Modacrylic, Lyocell, Nylon
  • Construction
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


  • Sustainable
Available colors
  • Navy (Tecasafe Plus) Navy
  • Midnight Navy (Tecasafe Plus) Midnight Navy
  • Sand (Tecasafe Plus) Sand
  • Gray (Tecasafe Plus) Gray
  • Black (Tecasafe Plus) Black
  • Protection from flame resistance and electrical arc
    PPE 1


Comfortable Base Layer Protection

Protection isn’t complete until it lives next to your skin. TechT4™ fabrics provide the first layer of defense and the first layer of comfort for t-shirts and other undergarments. This remarkably innovative fabric brings ease-of-wear and flame-resistance in an incredibly lightweight base layer textile at 4.8 osy (160 gsm). Tecasafe® Plus TechT4™ makes the perfect addition to multi-layer, flame-resistant clothing systems. Tecasafe® Plus TechT4™ is non-contributory, which means that it won’t ignite, melt or drip as it enhances the protection of FR outer layers. TechT4™ also features COOLDERM™ Technology and is extraordinarily soft and comfortable, providing better protection than cotton. Tecasafe® Plus TechT4™ wears like an athletic t-shirt with the added bonus of inherent FR protection and moisture management. It is a fabric that looks good, wears well and will give firefighters the comfort and protection they need beneath their stationwear and bunker gear.

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