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Titanium™ SL2

Comfort in Motion

Dry, Cool and Comfortable

Integrated wicking COOLDERM™ Technology offers enhanced moisture management to promote body temperature regulation and breathability


A redesigned face cloth for better-sustained, long-lasting slickness that slides on and off quickly and effortlessly


Increased fabric durability stands up to repeated launderings, resists pilling and stays slick longer

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    7.7 osy (260 gsm)
  • Composition
    Aramid, FR Rayon, Nylon
  • Construction
    Woven Facecloth Quilted to Non-Woven Batting
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


Available colors
  • Titanium Blue (Thermal liners) Titanium Blue
  • Protective clothing for firefighters (US standard)
    NFPA 1971


Comfort In Motion

Titanium™ is the next level in thermal liner technology from TenCate Protective Fabrics. A specially engineered face cloth delivers sustained performance and lubricity that stands up to repeated launderings for a better look and feel over time. The face cloth not only looks and feels great, but it will stay slicker longer and slide on and off easily for faster response times. Pairing the newly designed face cloth with a two-layer, Spun Lace batting means the same thermal protection you’ve come to expect from TenCate Protective Fabrics.

Titanium™ offers what firefighters want in a thermal liner; fast donning and doffing, moisture management, and pilling-resistant longevity for increased thermal liner performance. Titanium™ features COOLDERM™ Technology which delivers unmatched moisture management and will keep firefighters cooler on the job and help to reduce the risk of heat stress. When it comes to fighting fires in harsh environments, staying cool and dry can make the difference in firefighter safety.

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