Tecasafe Stationwear

Protection & Comfort Featuring Coolderm Technology

The introduction of TenCate Tecasafe Stationwear sets an unmatched level for softness and breathability in FR wear, proving that FR fabric can be as comfortable as it is effective in protecting wearers.

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A name you know, Protection you can trust

TenCate Omniweave fabrics are perfect for head-to-toe protection against flash fire, electric arc and other dangerous conditions. Lightweight, breathable fabrics made of DuPont Nomex combine unsurpassed flame resistance and exceptional durability wash after wash for the ultimate in comfort and durability.

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The future of FR fabric protection

Protection isnโ€™t complete until it lives right next to your skin. TechT4 FR fabrics provide the first layer of defense and the first layer of comfort for t-shirts and other undergarments.

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